Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Dec 2018

Piano recital

 Dec 15, 2018

 The lights at Temple Square in front of our favorite orange tree for Ryan.

All geared up to go feed the animals- Adam and his cousin

Christmas morning

 Ethan loves the Rams (it was Ryan's favorite team)


We didn't have much snow but still wanted to make Ryan a snowman.

  Merry Christmas from the Lotts in 2018

At any given point you can walk into our house and hear the rustling and bustling- not to mention fighting and grounding of two busy boys, who for the 4th time have put a hole in the wall upstairs.  Yikes, and they wonder why we won’t put a pool table in the toy room.  That’s all I need is more ammo for them.  Be warned, we do have a never ending nerf war going on and you could be shot at any moment.  Who’s idea was it to have 100+ nerf bullets handy for them to use- they should be shot.  Oh yeah, that was me, and believe it or not I have been shot plenty of times trying to prepare yet another meal where someone will find something to complain about.  And to top things off, I just can’t figure out how to teach my tech-smart kids how to turn the tv and X-box off.  Their unconvincing excuse is that they don’t know where the remote is- it’s usually only two feet away from them, or in their hand.   I guess maybe they need to start offering a class on finding the on and off buttons as an extracurricular activity at school.   I continue to spend part of my day sniffing the air to try to decide where yet another bad smell is coming from in our house.  It’s usually the boys sweaty dog smell (very true), because I haven’t reminded them to shower yet, or we play the game of whose smelly socks are making us gag at that moment- to be honest Adam usually wins.  Funny story his teacher at school actually commented on them last year!!   
Ethan is ten and is so excited to try and grow his hair out.  I can only take it so long, as he wets it down and combs it over to the side, plastered down.  Yep, you guessed it.  We have a 10-year-old comb over going on!  I realize bad hairstyles are in style again these days, but I don’t want anyone to think I have another little old man, other than Mike, living in my house.  Ethan continues to grow like a weed, probably because he is always covered in dirt, and is 5 feet tall now.  He can’t wait to grow up.  He’s constantly doing pushups and showing me his muscles.  To be honest his constant pushing up on the counters and walls drives me nuts and that’s why I think he continues to do it.  We recently went hiking in Little Wild Horse slot canyon as a family.  He got soaked and ended up wearing an extra pair of my capris the rest of the way.  It was pretty funny, especially because he was commando and they almost fell off of him.  I volunteered at his school a few months ago and secretly donated a few of his toys to be used in a little store.  He caught me and told one of the teachers, “What kind of mom sells your toys to other kids?”  Luckily, he really wasn’t too upset and I let him take back a few of the toys he noticed.  Next time, I will have to be sneakier, as I snatch those toys again to try and get rid of them once and for all.  (I promise he never uses them and wouldn’t have even noticed them missing had I not got caught.)   Ethan caught his first fish this year.  For some reason I let him put it in our kitchen sink so it could swim around.  Once I came to the reality of how gross that was (in like two minutes), we put it in a bucket outside so we could let it go the next day, as I wasn’t in the mood to fillet a four-inch fish.  Poor fish, too bad it died and became cat food instead.  Ethan also had fun practicing roping our goats after watching the steer wrestling at the rodeo this fall.  Needless to say, he deserved it when he got bit by the goat after trying to throw it to the ground and tie its legs together.  And as luck would have it, he had a black eye in June for Alex’s wedding, which was perfect timing with all the family pictures. 
Adam is in Jr High and loving it.  He’s only been shut in his locker once, and thank goodness they finally remembered the combination to get him out.  He ended last year on a high note by getting poked with a small branch in the eye while sledding and surprising us with a $1200 ER bill two days before our new deductible started.  At least we now have a good reason to tell the boys why they are getting nothing for Christmas this year and to blame Adam.  JK.  But, thank goodness he was ok.  We did learn he was having trouble seeing the letters on the eye chart.  It wasn’t due to his accident, but because he is “blind” and needed glasses.  He does have new glasses now, but refuses to wear them.  Darn boy.  Adam wondered how some hand soap, which smells fruity and yummy, would taste.  He quickly found out that it doesn’t taste as sweet as it smells.  That made us all laugh and gave me a good idea.  When you have to wash your kids mouths out with soap for talking naughty, make sure it is a fruity smell- at least it smells good going in and the experience starts out pleasant!!  Adam made my hit list this fall.   While watching tv and seeing a really pretty actress, who is a few years older than me, he asked, “Mom, why don’t you look like that?”  Needless to say, the tears flowed from both of us, as my self-esteem took a nose dive and he got grounded for the rest of his life.  JK.  Adam and his friends surprised us this fall by purchasing My Little Pony masks and caps at the Hooper fair.  They put them on and walked around all day in them.  It was especially funny when they were chasing a cow in the corral (it had money stuck to it) and you could see different colored capes flying in the air as they ran.  Adam snagged a dollar on the cow but remarked it was not worth the effort.  It definitely was worth it to me and hopefully I can convince him to do it again next year.  It was quite humorous for me to watch my My Little Pony caped 12-year-old boy running around an arena, falling all over the place, chasing a confused little calf-- highlight of my day.
Jaime finally got her driver’s license after much fasting, praying, cringing from mom and dad, and bribing her driving teacher.  So far she has only taken one side view mirror off of the car while backing out of the garage.  She just got accepted to BYU Idaho and will attend next fall.  It will be a joyous day when her bedroom here will finally stay clean for more than ten minutes.  We have heard that BYU-I is referred to as BYU- I- do.  We have a friend who bet that she will be engaged by summer 2020.  Jaime doesn’t think this will happen.  Little does our friend know that she just brought a fluffy sweater (I call it a granny sweater because it looks like something a 90-year-old lady would wear) that she plans to wear up there because it is warm and soft.  Jaime also has a cat hot chocolate mug she just proudly purchased because she loves cats.  So, with her sporting the sweater, cat mug and a fat book (she loves to read way too much), I am sure she will win the bet for sure.  Jk.  She is a cutie and I wouldn’t be surprised if she loses the bet.
Ryan, we miss you so much and we think of you always.  You will forever be a part of our family.  We continue to honor you by wearing orange and letting off balloons at the cemetery on the 12th of each month.  Till we meet again my sweet boy (now a man), what a joyous reunion it will be.
Alex now knows that miracles can happen because he proposed to a cute, young lady in January and she said yes.  He and Kelsie Smith were married on June 9th.  We love Kelsie so much and have told Alex that if we have to ever choose between him and her, we would without blinking choose her.  Jk.  Ok just between us, we are not kidding.  Jaime was honored that they were married on her 17th birthday and thinks that a sister is the best gift ever.  Alex and Kelsie live up in Logan.  They are enjoying married life and all the adventures it brings.  Alex is quickly learning patience as he has to share his new wife with Ethan, since Ethan’s new favorite person is Kelsie and he can’t get enough of her.  Alex is trying to sport a mullet.  Gross!!  For some reason boys actually think the new hairstyles these days are attractive.  So, you can see Kelsie is having to practice her patience skills as well by not taking the scissors to his hair on accident.  Really, they are great for each other and we are so happy for the new addition to our family.  And speaking of new additions, thank goodness for me that Ethan now has someone else to ask why they don’t have a baby.  He keeps asking me for a baby brother or sister.  Sorry bud, that ship sailed years ago.  So, I am not a grandma yet, even though all the gray hair might make you wonder, but someday I will be and that will be exciting.  Then, Mike will officially be able to say that I ski like an old granny and be 100% right.
I am officially a full-time college student.  Boy is it horrible!!  JK.  It keeps me very busy, but has been very rewarding.  It’s pretty sad when the highlight of my month is going to Wal-Mart, because I don’t get out much.  I pretty much sit at the computer in my jammies all day and am lucky if I get to shower once a week.  I am studying Marriage and Family Relations, so hopefully I can offer my kids discounted therapy when I am done, due to all the time I have been neglecting them.  Through all the tears (and guessing) I was able to get all A’s.  I hope my sanity can hold up the next two years until I am done.  I can do the happy dance because, I succeeded with my news years resolution this year.  It was to exercise twice and I did it three times, so I guess I am good for next year as well.  What a relief-- now I won’t be so stressed.  I also am taking to heart having my 72-hour kit ready and with easy access.  What’s easier access than wearing it?  I have decided that the extra 10 pounds I gained last year serve a good purpose and I will just keep them.
So, this summer I kissed a moose, other than Mike-hee hee.  Mike and I were in Alaska at a reindeer farm.  Surprisingly, I decided to do as the guide told me and put a few leaves in my mouth, lean over and offer them to a moose behind a fence.  It reached for them without hesitating.  The picture looks like the moose planted a good one on me, however, thank goodness it only touched my nose.  I guess I got lucky it didn’t sneeze in my face.  I now proudly sleep in my shirt that says “I kissed a moose in Alaska”.  The adventures didn’t end in Alaska.  Mike and I were driving and a huge bull moose crossed the road.  Mike pulled over so we could see it and take a breathtaking, once in a lifetime picture.  Quickly, I pulled out the camera to take the video.  It wasn’t till the moose was out of sight that I went to rewatch the video and see the pictures.  Darn, the camera had a malfunction and we have nothing to show for it. Ok, as Mike puts it more accurately, I had an equipment malfunction.  I thought I had turned the camera on to video and I had actually turned it off.  He still hasn’t let me live that down.  Later we saw a mom and baby moose on the side of the road and I was able to redeem myself.  Everyone is always hoping to see a bear in Alaska.  Well, to be honest it’s not that great when the bear actually comes bounding down a mountain full speed and you have to run for your life.  They tell you not to run, but I couldn’t help it.  To be honest, only people who have never actually had a bear running at them tell you not to run.  Easier said than done- honestly, my legs took on a mind of their own and wouldn’t stop.  Luckily, all ended well and the story is now exciting that we were probably 200 feet from a running grizzly bear.  (Mike tells me the distance gets shorter every time I retell the story.  But, it was super close and could have been to us in less than 10 seconds had it wanted to.)  Once we were safe, Mike turned around to get some good pictures as it crossed a river.  I kept my distance and was happy when my legs finally stopped shaking.
Mike is staying busy with work.  He hasn’t been doing much traveling this year.  It has been both good and bad.  Good that he can do more things on my honey-do list and bad because he doesn’t want to do more things on my honey-do list.  He built a shed in our backyard this year.  It will double as his second home when he doesn’t do the things on my honey do list and I get mad at him.   He has learned some new skills this year that his is proud of (eyes rolling)- putting in a new garbage disposal after Adam filled it full of potato peels and broke it, fixing the water line on the back of the fridge and finally getting it right for the third time, installing our new washer and dryer to save the installation fee (totally not worth it) and choosing to build a fence in our pasture so he wouldn’t be bored as much.  (Ok, he did that so I would quit bugging him.)  And, he hopefully will put it on his “let me learn this new skill list” to finally replace the drain in our laundry room sink, hint hint. 
All jokes aside, we have had a great year.  We have been very blessed and have made many wonderful memories.  We look forward to the adventures that will come our way in 2019.  May this Christmas season and the New Year bring joy and happiness in your lives, as we carry the light of our Savior in our hearts- for he is the reason for the season. 

                                                                                         The Lott family

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

fall of 2018

Lotts of fun during the fall of 2018

 Silly Adam

Ethan grew this cabbage from a seed he started at school.  He then entered it in the Hooper Tomato Days veggie contest.  Sadly it didn't win.  The goats ended up enjoying it.

He and Adam did win a lot and were so excited.

Ethan's first fish!!!  He was thrilled.

We love you Ryan!!!

We enjoyed many hot dog roasts in our pasture this summer and fall.

Wrestle time with dad.

What a great quote

Fun camping in September up Logan Canyon

Happy 10th b-day Ethan

Ethan got a pretend shaving kit.  He's a funny guy.

October 13

Alex and Kelsie

 Ethan (10)

 Adam (12)

Jaime (17)

(Thanks Melissa Berry for the great pics!!)

Trip to Goblin Valley Oct 17-20

We did an 8 mile hike through a slot canyon.  It was beautiful and we were all exhausted afterwards but proud we did it.

Mike built this fence in our pasture to keep our goats out of our little camping/fire pit area.

Silly Ethan

Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

and more fun in 2018

Not sure what the two boys are thinking???

Adam and his cousin being silly.  I guess they filled it with water.

Alex worked in Hooper one day.  He works for a company that reseals asphalt.  They were at Hooper Elementary.  I headed over to see him and took him and his co-workers snow cones.  It was super hot and they welcomed the treat.
July 9, 2018

Wonderful advise.  We must never give up.  We are never alone.

Jaime and I sorted though thousands of pounds of green beans at the Ogden Cannery.  It was fun to have her with me.  We ever threw a few beans at each other without getting caught.
July 20, 2018

Jaime's first job!!!!
She is so excited and loves her job.  She works at Pizza Pie Cafe in Clinton.  It's great she has her own money now and especially great when she brings us home left over pizza.  Yum Yum.

Snow cones with Ryan.
 July 30, 2018

Alaska here we come !!!!
 We went on a day cruise out of Seward to the Kenai Peninsula.  It was breath taking.  We saw humpback whales, orca, seals, otters, bald eagles and a glacier.  

August 4,2018


Denali park was nice.  We took a bus ride in and enjoyed the scenery.  We saw some moose and even a grizzly bear from a distance.  It rained a little bit, but wasn't to bad.

This bear happened upon us as we were walking a trail.  It was running down the mountain about 150 feet away from us.  Thank goodness it wasn't headed towards us, but we weren't going to stick around to find out.  I started speed walking towards the parking lot with my hands in the air (I am sure I looked like a dork) and then couldn't help but run (You aren't supposed to run.  Sorry, if a bear is running, you run!!)  When Mike knew we were safe he went back for some pictures.  He was plenty far away from it by this time but, I stayed in the parking lot till it was totally gone.  My knees were shaking.  This was way to close.  Had it wanted us, it could have been to us in 10 seconds.  It's exciting now, but in the future I would rather see a bear from the safety of a car or bus.  After we spotted the bear they closed the trail we were on.
 Aug. 7, 2018

We took a glass top train ride to Seward.  It was amazing.  Words can't describe the beauty.  We saw glaciers, waterfalls, gorges, a black bear, a mom and baby moose and much more.
 August 9, 2018

This is a baby sled dog.  We toured a sled dog training center.  It was very interesting.  We even got to pet the dog (Shasta) that was in the movie Snow Buddies.  We got pulled on a cart by 14 sled dogs.  It was pretty fun.  The dogs were so excited to run and pull us.  The kept barking until the gate was opened and then they were off and silent as they pulled us. 

We happened upon this reindeer farm one day as we were driving.  We had a blast as we hand fed these cute reindeer.  The babies were adorable.  They don't have teeth on the top of their mouths and so there was no chance to get bit.  And just to clear up all the confusion, reindeer and caribou are the same thing.  If it's in the wild it's a caribou, if it's behind a fence it's a reindeer.

Aug. 10, 2018

So I know this looks bad, but he barely touched my nose.  The guide told us to stick these leaves in our mouth and the moose would eat them, if we wanted to "kiss a moose".  I am not usually daring but went for it.  It was later pointed out to me that I am lucky it didn't sneeze in my face.  Yikes.  That would have been horrible.  I now have a cute t-shirt that says I kissed a moose in Alaska.  (I had to buy it myself of course.)  

We got to hike on this glacier for about an hour.  We had to sign a waiver before hand, as glaciers are ice and are constantly melting.  At first the ice was covered with gray gravel and then we got to the white parts.  It looks soft and fluffy but it is solid ice and is slippery.  We felt safe and guides don't let you go to certain areas alone.  This adventure was well worth the $30 a person to say we walked on a glacier.

We saw this mom and baby moose from the road.  It was pretty amazing.  A sun roof comes in handy and I was able to stand up in it and get some good pictures and video from a safe distance.  I was glad to get some good pictures of them to make up for the time the bull moose walked 20 feet across the road in front of our car and the camera malfunctioned (ok, I thought I was recording and I wasn't).  

We enjoyed our adventure to Alaska.  It was beautiful and we have great memories.  As much as I loved it, I would never want to move there.  There are to many wild critters (mainly bears) everywhere.  I did get to mark another state off my list and now have only two more to go!!!  Alabama and Louisiana here I come !!!!

We had a long layover in Seattle on the way home.  We had hoped to go up in the Space Needle but this is as good as we got.  It took us an hour and a half to get there, via tram and walking, and then there was a 2 1/2 hour wait.  Darn.  

Aug. 11, 2018

But we did get to see the gum wall and Mike was super excited.  JK.  He was actually grossed out and barely stood by it to take this picture.  It's a fifty foot wall covered in thousands of pounds of old gum.  I did chew a piece and add to the collection.  Mike passed on that.

 We really didn't see anything great in Seattle, but it beat a 6 hour layover in the airport.  Better luck next time I guess.

Cute little Adam.  I guess Jaime does have a sister after all.
Aug 12, 2018

Adam's first locker.  I wouldn't let him shut it as we had problems opening it and I didn't want him to get stuck inside.  I can't believe he is in Jr. High.  Where has the time gone??
August 13, 2018

Fun before going back to school

We went to see (bug) Jaime at work.  It was good to see her in action.  She was a little embarrassed by the pictures (our job was done!!!).
Aug 17, 2018

August 18, 2018

The boys love to go to Aggie Family/Scrimmage Day each year.  They have fun doing all the fun, free activities (climbing wall) and especially love to go down on the field to get autographs and play catch with the players.


"It's the most wonderful day of the year!!!"
The first day of school

Adam- 7th grade

Jaime- 12th grade

Ethan- 4th grade

Three kids at three different schools, with three different start and end times.  Bring it on !!