Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Lotts of fun in 2018

Jan 12, 2018

Our snow man melted and so we fixed it.  Ha ha

Jan 20
 We are sooo happy.  Alex and Kelsie are engaged.  They met in October on a blind date.  We are thrilled.

Feb 3
Enjoying the warm February weather

Feb 4

 Jaime was playing with Adam's hair.  Funny.

Ethan's art work at school.
 February 7

Feb 11
Crazy Adam in my shoes.

Feb 16
 Our anniversary trip to see Chicago in concert in Vegas.  We stopped off in Cedar City to visit the new temple there.  The concert was great.  We were practically the youngest ones there.

Happy 23 years !!!!
Feb 17th

March 3
Ethan and a giant icicle.  He didn't mind that the water was probably dirty.  It was hanging off of the church.

March 6
 Playing hookie with Mike to go skiing.

March 11

March 12
 We love you Ryan!!!

Scout project.  He ended up hitting his finger and had a blood blister for a few weeks.  Poor Ethan.
March 13

March 16, 2018
 Happy 20th B-day Ryan.  
We love and miss you so much.

We enjoyed the weekend as a family celebrating Ryan's b-day.  I am sure he was smiling down on us.

 Ethan was awarded his Bear.  He was so excited.  It also was the pinewood derby.  He didn't win but still had so much fun.

 farmer Ethan helping some neighbors

March 30
Spring fever at the Lotts

March 31
 Jaime was the bunny for the Hooper City Easter Egg Hunt.  Check out the stash of candy Adam got.  He ate it all in a few days.  He actually ate himself sick.

Jaime    Crazy girl- need I say more
April 1

April 2
 Family friendly dart war.  It was actually pretty fun.  Mike and I were pretty tired and sore after running around for an hour.

We bet Jaime to drink about 1/2 a cup of fry sauce and she did.  Gross!!!

Ethan's game was in the rain.  He was soaked but had a blast.
 April 7

Fun playing the game Speak Out.

April 9, 2018

Friday, January 5, 2018

and still Lotts more catching up to do.

 Happy 4th of July.  We hiked White Pine up Tony's Grove in Logan Canyon.  The weather was great and the boys even found some snow to sled in.  It is 8 miles round trip.  We had a great day.

Adam was soaked and freezing but had fun.

White Pine Lake was freezing but the boys still got in.  Ethan was definitely more daring than Adam.

Hyrum Dam- while camping up in Logan Canyon
 July 5

A little get away to Park City- We swam in the crater up there.  
 July 13

July 25
We enjoyed our trip to South Dakota.  It was so beautiful and fun to see family.  The Lotts from Arkansas joined us, and Jeri came.  We had a blast.

So I ordered a pair of shoes for Ethan online.  I guess I ordered the toddler size by mistake.  Ha Ha!!

We love our cute fuzzy chickens.  We have 12 now.
 Aug 6

Geo caching fun in Wyoming !!
 Aug 12

Aug 19

The Aggie Scrimmage.  The boys love doing this each year.  Free food, games and fun.  It was very amusing to watch them clobber each other.

 Ethan has no fear and loved getting down with the players.

August 22
"It's the most wonderful time of the year."  That is what parents sing when school begins again.
Jaime 11th grade

 Adam 6th   Ethan 3rd

Aug 23
Ethan was so excited to start piano lessons.  He is doing great and is learning so quickly.  It's cute to watch him teach things to Adam, who doesn't want to take lessons.  Who knows, maybe he will change his mind.

Guess Who???
 Aug 24

                                                                          Sept 10
Adam was so excited to get braces until he finally got them.  Now he knows first hand why we had told him that braces are no fun.

Sept 4

We love Tomato Days in Hooper.  So many fun activities and people.  The boys were thrilled they each earned $11 from the veggie show.  Ethan spent his five minutes later at a booth.

Sept 7

 last camping trip of the year

                                                                      Sept 10
a lott of veggies

Sept 12

We love you Ryan!!!

 Jaime went to Homecoming stag with a few friends.  They wanted the German foreign exchange students to experience an American dance.
 Sept 16

Isabel, our German exchange student was so excited to go to Wal-Mart.
 Sept 18

Happy 9th b-day Ethan!!!
 Sept 24

Cute little kitten's messing around with Alex's phone.

It looks like a pile of stuffed animals.  Wrong.  Ethan informed me that the fox and wolf are eating the horse.  Funny kid.
Oct 6

Oct 11

Adam enjoying playing flag football again this year.  He and Ethan are still trying to convince me to let them play tackle.  Sorry kiddo.  Alex's injury (6 days in the hospital for a perforated intestine) years ago playing football kind of cured me of tackle football.

Oct 19-26

Mike and I went to Okinawa, Japan to visit my parents on their mission.  It was an amazing experience.  It is so pretty and the people are very nice.  The bathrooms are crazy and have signs to tell you how to use the toilet.
 heart rock

There are literally vending machines almost on every corner- even in the middle of nowhere.

Happy Halloween

Not sure what I was.  I just like wearing crazy wigs.  All the kids in Ethan's class asked me if it was my real hair.  I said yes.
Oct 31

Dec 2

Dec 11
Having fun at the dollar store


Merry Christmas!!!!
A new tradition of ours is to build Ryan a snowman.  Ethan told us how to get the second part up on the bottom.  He says they roll it on when they make them at school.  Sure enough it worked which was good because it was to heavy and awkward to lift- we tried but failed.
 Dec 25

Dec 26
 We stayed in a cabin up near Bear Lake for a few days after Christmas.  We had fun playing games and vegging.  Mike pulled the kids behind his truck because there wasn't enough snow for a snowmobile.  They had a blast.  It was awesome watching from inside a warm vehicle.

Jaime even joined in and had a blast!!!

Happy 45th b-day Mike !!!!!
 Dec 27

Dec 28

Long story short, Adam was sledding and he flew off his sled and into a tiny bush.  His eye got poked  pretty hard by a branch.  We took him to the ER in Logan to make sure everything was ok.  It's a miracle and he is fine.  He was put on an oral antibiotic and antibiotic eye drops for a week.  He has healed great.  We did discover he has bad eye sight as he failed the eye examine in both eyes.  It's nothing related to the accident.  I guess he can't see the black board at school without squinting.  News to me.  Not the best way to find out.  Ha Ha.  It would have been much less painful if he had just told us.  Ha Ha.  And the crazy thing is that he doesn't seem to mind, because he says he won't wear glasses if we get them for him.  Stubborn boy.  All joking aside, I am so thankful he is really ok and I know prayers were answered and miracles happened.   
He is bored to death from waiting.  We were there like 2-3 hours.

Don't scroll down if you don't like blood.  I included a picture of his eye.   It's the last picture in this post.

Poor brave Adam

My New Year's resolution is to blog more frequently!!!